1. General provisions.

EFORB.LLC, legal address: 215 CREEL CHASE NW KENNESAW GA 30144 (hereinafter - Eforb) developed this Privacy Policy, aimed at ensuring comprehensive security and protection of information about our users including their personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

This Privacy Policy is an official document of Eforb, which describes in details the policy of Eforb when it comes to collection, processing, storage and protection of personal information of users of Products of Eforb.

The content of this Privacy Policy is open and available for public familiarization. Your usage of Products of Eforb indicates that you agree with the rules described in this Privacy Policy. That is why before usage of Products of Eforb and provision of your personal information, we strongly recommend that you read this Privacy Policy.

In case when after online publishing of this Privacy Policy with all amendments and (or) attachments you continue using Products of Eforb, it means that you have given your unconditional consent and have accepted provisions of the amended Privacy Policy.

If you have questions in relation to this Privacy Policy please contact us:

2. Information about users.

2.1. Eforb collects and receives the following types of information:

2.2. Information, which we receive directly from you. We receive information that you give using Products of Eforb. For example, when you log in Eforb services, use and purchase Products of Eforb, purchase levels and other fee-based Eforb services, sign up to receive marketing mailouts, take part in a contest or a draw game, contact Eforb support service or participate in a survey, you may be asked to provide personal information such as: name, surname, login (user name), postal address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, payment details, place of work, company name, your favorite online games and characters, photo and (or) the way your use Products of Eforb.

If you use such options of Products of Eforb as "share with a friend" or "invite a friend", we may collect information about your name, last name, email address and name, last name, e-mail address of the recipient.

2.3. Information, which we collect and receive when you use Products of Eforb. When you use Products of Eforb, we can also collect or receive generalized information about users. Such information may be partly gathered while using cookie files. Read more about peculiarities of cookie files during the usage of Products of Eforb in the Cookies Policy on the following link "_____."

To improve the quality of Products of Eforb and to provide advertising relevant to your interests, such information automatically collected may be combined with information obtained directly from you. Depending on how you get access to Products of Eforb and the way you use them, we can receive the following information:

- about your interactions with services of Eforb, including viewed content, Products you bought or bade for, time you spent using Products of Eforb, dates of access and data collected with the help of cookies and (or) similar means;

- about the way you connect to Products of Eforb, including information about your browser or operation system, your IP-address and sites, which you viewed before and after the usage of Eforb;

- about the device you use is automatically collected and stored, for example: type of the used device (that is a particular brand of a phone or a tablet); some identifiers of the device, which may be unique to this device, your ISP.

- about you, when you connect to social networks while using our Services.

3. Purposes of usage of collected and (or) received data.

3.1. Eforb uses collected and (or) received data to improve the quality and create opportunities for the usage of Products of Eforb, for example in order to:

- create user accounts;

- carry out transactions;

- provide technical support;

- send you emails and other marketing mailouts, which will match your preferences and interests;

- assist your participation in contests, sweepstakes, games, interactive games or other advertised events;

- inform you about changes in Products of Eforb or to send other emails relating to your usage of Products of Eforb;

- enhance abilities of Eforb in detection and prevention of fraud and potentially illegal actions in relation to Products of Eforb, as well as to control compliance with rules and standards established by Eforb during the usage of its Products;

- clarify comments and suggestions relating to Products of Eforb;

- identify and resolve technical problems relating to Products of Eforb;

- show advertising.

4. Storage and usage of information about users.

4.1. Information about users defined in sec. 2.2., 2.3. of this Privacy Policy is stored in electronic form and processed with the help of automated systems. In exceptional cases as provided for in this Privacy Policy, national laws and mandatory international treaties, information about users can be processed without the usage of automated systems and in a different form.

4.2. Information received about users is used by Eforb for purposes described in sec. 3.1. of this Privacy Policy.

4.3. Eforb does not disclose information received about users of Products of Eforb to the third parties and individually processes such information except for:

(A) cases when a user gave his/her personal consent;

(B) cases provided for by the national legislation, mandatory international treaties;

(C) transfer of such information to business partners, affiliates of Eforb;

(D) in other cases provided for in this Privacy Policy.

4.4. Eforb has the right to transfer aggregate statistical information about users of Products of Eforb, for example the total quantity, categories of users of Products of Eforb, etc. without any restrictions. This is the aggregate information, which does not disclose personal information about a concrete user.

4.5. If in accordance with paragraph (A) of the sec. 4.3. of this Privacy Policy a user gave his/her consent to the transfer his/her personal information to companies, organizations, public officials or private persons not related to Eforb, Eforb has the right to give such information without any restrictions.

Such consent to the disclosure of information about a user of Products of Eforb is issued with strict observance of requirements of the national legislation, mandatory international treaties.

Upon receipt of duly issued consent to the disclosure of information about a user, Eforb may request the user to provide additional information and documents.

4.6. In accordance with paragraph (B) of the sec. 4.3. of this Privacy Policy in cases provided for in the national legislation, mandatory international treaties Eforb may give information about a user at the request of public authority and official in cases when it is necessary for:

(A) implementation of or compliance with the current legislation, court decision, forced executable request;

(B) detection, preclusion of fraud, terrorism and other unlawful act against a person, mankind or property;

(C) detection, preclusion and (or) troubleshooting of security problems;

(D) protection of rights, legal interests, property or safety Eforb;

(E) protection of rights, legal interests, property or safety of users of Products of Eforb;

(F) in other cases provided for in national law, mandatory international treaties.

4.7. Eforb may also give information referred to in sec. 2.2., 2.3. of this Privacy Policy to the following categories of the third parties:

(A) affiliates, including our parent and subsidiary companies, joint venture partners and other companies, which we control or which control us, or who we are under common control with;

(B) service providers, which perform certain functions or render certain services on behalf of Eforb (for example, internet hosting, storage of our data, order fulfillment, provision of goods and services, database management, analytical work, processing of credit card payments, customer services or mailouts). In case of transfer of information referred to in sec. 2.2., 2.3. of this Privacy Policy, these companies are limited in ways of possible usage of this information under the treaty;

(C) some business partners, who are not service providers, for example our sponsors, radio and television partners, as well as commercial licensees to provide you with special offers, promotional materials and other materials, which you may find to be of interest. It is expected that business partners will ensure confidentiality, security and protection of any information, which they receive from us. However, we are not responsible for privacy policy of our business partners and they may use information about you for their own purposes;

(D) other persons in connection with certain commercial operations, for example in case of change of ownership of Eforb (or any part of our assets) in the result of mergers, acquisitions, information about you may be transferred to another legal entity. If there is such a transaction, we will notify you about it in a new version of this Privacy Policy or with other appropriate methods.

4.8. Eforb is free to transfer information from a public user profile or in the area of common usage of Products of Eforb, for example in chat, forum, blog or other instrument of Eforb. If you leave any information on these interactive platforms, it will be available to the public and it is possible that you will receive unclaimed messages from other parties. We can not guarantee that parties who have access to such information will respect your privacy. Some Internet users are not the ones they say they are, so be careful providing personal information to other people in the Internet. Do not collect or provide personal information about other users without their permission. We ask you to be careful while using such elements.

5. Parties, which provide with content, advertisement and (or) functional capabilities.

5.1. Certain content, advertisement and functionality of Products of Eforb may be provided by the third parties, which are not our affiliates, business partners, suppliers of goods and (or) services, such as:

- content creators, who may organize contests, jokes, games, interactive games, public forums, etc. for Eforb;

- trading companies, which may conduct transactions, serve customers and perform other functions related to such activities;

- providers of advertising services, who help Eforb and Eforb advertisers to allocate advertisement in the Internet corresponding to interests of users and who understand the response of users to such advertising;

- companies engaged in audience analysis, which help Eforb determine the level of usage of Products of Eforb and compare it with other Internet resources;

- social networks (Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and others), which provide you with the opportunity to use some Products of Eforb, comment and show, for example the level one reach while using Products of Eforb.

5.2. The third parties set out in sec. 5.1. of this Privacy Policy may collect or receive information about your usage of Products of Eforb, including those obtained by cookies and other technical means; this information may be collected over a long period of time and be combined with information collected from other sites and other resources in the Internet.

5.3. Social networks owned by the third parties, who we established partnerships with, may notify your friends about the fact that you are a user of Products of Eforb and about the nature of your usage of Products of Eforb. If you decided to connect to social networks, which belong to the third parties, we may obtain information about you that you provided to these social networks, including information about your friends and others in your circle of communication in these social networks. We may use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, however the main purpose of the application of this information is improvement of quality of Products of Eforb for you in personal and social aspects.

You may be given the opportunity to put a link from the social network in the account in Products of Eforb. As a result you may use your registration data from another site to access certain elements of Products of Eforb. If your account is linked to sites or services of a third party, we may collect information of such user accounts of a third party, and all the information we collect is governed by this Privacy Policy.

6. Users’ rights.

6.1. A user has the right to/for:

(A) receive information upon request about terms of access to personal data, including information about the third parties, which get access to their personal data;

(B) have access to personal data, placed in Products of Eforb, unless the user’s account is disabled, removed or broken;

(C) modify, correct or delete personal data;

(D) make a reasoned demand for modification or deleting of personal data by any person if the data is processed illegally or is unreliable;

(E) protection of personal data from unlawful processing, deleting, damage with the purpose of willful concealment, failure or its untimely providing, as well as for protection from providing of information, which is unreliable or discredits honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual;

(F) lodge complaints to Eforb in connection with violations of personal data processing;

(G) make complaints about processing of their personal data to the public authorities and officials, whose mandate is to ensure protection of personal data, or to a court.

7. Protection of user data.

7.1. In order to protect user data Eforb takes measures of organizational and technical nature, such as:

(A) implementation of access to personal user account of Products of Eforb through social networks, where a user is registered. Access to the usage of some Products of Eforb by an interested user can be performed through a personal page in a social network, access to which is given through the authorization: after entering personal and unique username and a password.

(B) viewing of the history of user activity while using Products of Eforb. Viewing of the history of activity of a user of Products of Eforb allows such user to know information about the time of entrance and the device (computer, mobile phone, etc.), which was used to enter the account of the user, what can allow to prevent in time the possibility of further unauthorized login of the third parties.

7.2. However, although Eforb makes significant efforts to protect your confidential information we can not guarantee protection of any information, which you disclose while using Products of Eforb, we can not be responsible for theft, deleting, unintended disclosure of your information or for any other disclosure of information that we can not control.

7.3. Access to some of your personal information via the Internet can be protected with a password chosen by you. We strongly recommend that you do not give your password to anyone. We never ask you for your password when writing to you on our own initiative.

7.4. Eforb also reminds that under no circumstances you should provide your contact information (such as email address, phone number, home address, etc.) to strangers.

Any violation of the Privacy Policy of Eforb may entail immediate denial of access to Products of Eforb.

8. COPPA Compliance Policy.

EFORB takes with great attention and seriousness the issues related to confidentiality of information of all our users and in particular of young people under strict compliance with US Federal Law "Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998" (COPPA), which regulates the rules for obtaining and usage of personal information from children under the age of 13 years, as well as other laws. More information about COPPA Compliance Policy you can learn here."_______".

9. Final provisions.

9.1. This Privacy Policy spreads to the territory of countries where the usage of Products of Eforb is available. This Privacy Policy may be changed and (or) amended by Eforb. Any changes and (or) amendments to the terms of this Privacy Policy made by Eforb come into force from the day that begins after the day of official publication of such changes and (or) additions in the Internet for public familiarization.

In case of any dispute or disagreement relating to performance of this Privacy Policy, users and Eforb make every effort to resolve the dispute via friendly negotiations. In case when resolving via friendly negotiations failed, the dispute should be submitted to the competent court in the manner and on the basis of the current US legislation and mandatory international treaties.

This Privacy Policy is drafted in English and can be provided in other languages for convenience of foreign-language users. In case of discrepancies of the English version of the Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy provided in other language, provisions of the English version should be applied.

On matters related to the execution of this Privacy Policy, please contact the email address: or by mail to Eforb - 215 CREEL CHASE NW KENNESAW GA 30144.

Phone: + 1.917-933-1593 Fax: + 1.212-202-4063.

With respect and best wishes,

Your Eforb.

Date of the last edition and entry into legal force - 12 May, 2015.