COPPA Compliance Policy.

EFORB.LLC, legal address: 215 CREEL CHASE NW KENNESAW GA 30144 (hereinafter - Eforb) takes with great attention and seriousness the issues related to confidentiality of information of all our users and, in particular, of young people under strict compliance with US Federal Law "Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998" (COPPA), which regulates the rules for obtaining and use of personal information from children under the age of 13 years (hereinafter - children), as well as other laws.

Eforb does not ask for any personal user’s information intentionally. Collection of data is possible only with authorization of users through social networks Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, what allows users to save their progress and display it in the leaderboard. All schemes of usage of personal data are given in details in this Privacy Policy without age restrictions "".

Policy of Eforb is a conscious effort to avoid the collection and use of personal data of children without obtaining the prior consent of their parents and (or) tutors, except as provided for by the US Federal law "Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998" (COPPA).

Eforb recommends parents and (or) tutors to explain their children this Privacy Policy.

Eforb makes efforts to ensure that our products remain safe and interesting for children, and we intend to work continually to improve safety. Eforb undertakes to control their products to prevent the occurrence of vulgar language or content and to remove such content and lexis and the contents in the event of their occurrence. However Eforb can not guarantee the absence of inappropriate content in all media and in all messages that can be added by users.

Eforb recommends users to control access to personal information and not to provide their personal information to strangers. Some Internet users are not the ones they claim they are, so be careful providing personal information to others in the Internet. Do not collect or provide personal information about other users without their permission. If you find in one of our products anything that disturbs you or disquiet, please contact us immediately to the following email address:

In addition Eforb uses a mechanism of technical protection “age gating”, to prevent access by children without consent of their parents and (or) tutors to those products Eforb, where collection and use of their personal data is possible. For example, without consent of their parents and (or) tutors children are not allowed to participate in user forums, subscribe to newsletters or e-mail to participate in our drowings and contests, unless otherwise provided for in US law.

Consent of parents and (or) tutors to collect and use the personal data of their children may be expressed by the following methods:

(a) by sending the agreement drawn up in any form to e-mail Eforb: or fax + 1.212-202-4063;

(b) by means of a video conference communication of parent and (or) a tutor with the competent employee Eforb;

(c) by sending a filled in consent forms by mail to Eforb - 215 CREEL CHASE NW KENNESAW GA 30144.

Eforb also reminds that in no case you should provide your contact information (for example, email address, phone number, home address, etc.) to strangers.

Any violation of the Privacy Policy Eforb can entail an immediate denial of access to products of Eforb.

This Privacy Policy extends to the territory of the countries where the use of the Products of Eforb is available.

This Privacy Policy may be changed and (or) amended by Eforb. Any changes and (or) amendments to the terms of this Privacy Policy, made by Eforb, come into force from the next day after the day of the official publication of such changes and (or) amendments in the Internet for public familiarization.

In case of any dispute or disagreement relating to the performance of this Privacy Policy, users and Eforb make every effort to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations. In case when resolving of the dispute through friendly negotiations failed, the dispute shall be submitted to the competent court in the manner and on the basis of the current US legislation and international agreements obligatory for maintenance.

Cases which are not regulated by the provisions of the Privacy Policy for children should be guided by the Privacy Policy Eforb with no age limit, which can be found here "_________".

This Privacy Policy is in English and can be provided in other languages for convenience of foreign-language users. In case of discrepancies of the English version of the Privacy Policy and the privacy policy provided in other language, provisions of the English version should be applied.

On matters related to the execution of this Privacy Policy, please contact the email address: or by mail to Eforb - 215 CREEL CHASE NW KENNESAW GA 30144.

Phone: + 1.917-933-1593 Fax: + 1.212-202-4063.

With respect and best wishes,

Your Eforb.

Date of last edition and entry into force - 12 May, 2015.